Cloud Computing & Services

Cloud Computing & Services


Cloud is a powerful technology disruptor challenging existing IT landscape and processes, forcing enterprises to adopt newer cloud based paradigms or be left out in the competitive race. The on-demand, elastic and pay-per-use model of cloud empowers the dynamic and connected business environments. But for all these advantages, merely having the cloud in place may not yield the business results desired. iCrest helps you design, build, secure and monitor the cloud solutions and environments. We can help you achieve your business goals of revenue growth and profitability across the new business environment of connected enterprise.

Why iCrest

iCrest, an early adopter of cloud, supports enterprises through their journey on cloud: right from cloud strategy stage to deployment of full blown production environment.

We future proof your business and ensure your business is optimally cloud enabled to crunch your response time to the changing needs and demands of your internal and external customers.

We design, build and manage enterprise-class public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure, platform and software solutions that meet the performance, security and scalability needs of your enterprise.

Relationships with key cloud providers and tool providers enables us to design, migrate and operate your cloud environment with high levels of security.

iCrest provides comprehensive cloud services that includes consulting and readiness assessment, transition and integration, and SLA based managed services around AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Readiness service

Are you really ready to migrate to the Cloud?

If you’re interested in migrating your applications to the Cloud, and want to make sure you’re your applications have had a comprehensive review before making the move, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s a decision many of our customers are making to ensure they have taken the proper steps to prepare their organization and their applications. While they realize the many benefits that they can achieve with a cloud-based application/solutions, they may not have the in-house resources needed for this key step in the process.

VPs and CIOs are concerned with managing risk when migrating their applications to the cloud and generally require an independent review to assess the true risk and introduce plans to mitigate it. By understanding the risks, you are also increasing the chance of keeping your migration on time and under
budget. This is even more important if you are moving out of data centers that are approaching end of life.

Fortunately, there is some good news: iCrest’s can help with our Cloud Readiness service offering. Based on the experience we have gained assisting multiple of organizations migrate to the cloud, this service offering helps your organization prepare for and execute an efficient, effective, and low-risk upgrade to the Cloud. As a result, you are assured you have the best migration plan in place while freeing your IT staff to focus on what’s most important — the real work at hand.


Cloud readiness tasks

Our technical consultants use functional and technical best practices to help you prepare for an efficient, low-risk upgrade to the Cloud.



Application Interfaces
Custom reports, products, and tables


Architecture and network topology
Database performance
Integration strategy
Terminal strategy
Workstation requirements


Record retention settings
Global policy settings
Database settings
Best practice recommendations
Change control process


Minimize guesswork, maximize results

When it comes to something as significant — and as important — as migrating your workforce management technology to the cloud, don’t take the risk of going it alone. The Cloud Readiness service can help you assess where you stand today, make your best plans for the migration, and execute against the plan.

Even better, we can manage the entire process so your IT staff doesn’t have to. After helping many customers manage their cloud-migration efforts, we are confident we can help you, too. A simplified approach to software in the cloud not only transforms the way the applications are used, it allows you to implement your goals faster — for accelerated adoption and a rapid return on your investment. By migrating to the cloud, you can achieve higher performance and system availability so you can unlock the true value of your application while focusing on your core business.


Our experience ensures your success.