Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Big Data, Hadoop

Big data by its very definition means large data sets that it is almost awkward to work with using normal database management tools and businesses are leveraging big data. So various Challenges that impact this definition are capture, storage, search, sharing, analytics, visualizing and requires massively parallel software running on tens, hundreds or even thousands of servers.


iCrest employs Hadoop, combining it with existing data warehouse systems to manage additional and peak load data analysis and give an edge to businesses, organizations who want to gain from their massive troves of data.

iCrest helps you seek a deeper understanding of the world and the environment around us as the data grows which require understanding across various disciplines including genomics, complex physics simulations, biological and environmental research, Internet search, finance and business informatics.

CRM Analytics

Understanding the customer demands, preferences (which could even be latent in nature) and responding to them appropriately is the key to successful business. Today, customer data is available in plenty - they exist in multiple enterprise systems, customers share lots of information on social media and more. However, the challenge for businesses has been to scan through the loads of available information, establish association and derive actionable business insights.

Businesses rely on CRM analytics to help uncover customer insights. It's leveraged to effectively segment the customer base, devise strategy for customer acquisition & retention, personalize product/services offerings, measure campaign/customer promotion yield, monitor social media buzz, refine/realign business execution plan based on the pulse of the customer (and more).

iCrest helps customers devise/design end-to-end CRM analytics implementation strategy to take their CRM practice to the next level